Painted and Embossed Fortune Teller Party Favor Boxes

A dazzling Fortune Teller Party simply wouldn’t be complete without a hand crafted favor for guests to take home. You can create these elegant hand painted and embossed favor boxes, and fill them with treasures and treats for your party guests.

Here’s What  You’ll Need:

Step One

FolkArt paints used to craft halloween favor boxes for a fortune teller party

Step Two

Grab a jar of FolkArt Design Creme, this is a really incredible product that goes on with a stencil and creates a three dimensional effect.

FolkArt Design Creme

Step Three

Using a floral star motif dimensional stencil, apply Design Creme and remove the stencil. Instant wow factor!

FolkArt design creme dimensional effects

Step Four

For added flair, add trims around the edges of the lid, and add a gemstone to the top of the box.

plaid color shift paint