Amethyst Geode Champagne Glasses

Create these smashing geode encrusted champagne glasses using just three items. Change up the colors to create your own unique looks. Crystals are a hot trend that’s going to be around for a good long time, so embellish away! These faux crystals can be used in countless ways to adorn anything you’d like to give a little dazzle. See them in my Fortune Teller themed party, or use them in any way you’d like!

geode champagne glass

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Plain Champagne Glasses of your choice
  • AdTech Clear Glue Sticks, about 3
  • Scissors
  • Plaid Color Shift Paint in Plum Flash and Blue Flash

Step 1

Using scissors, cut two of the glue sticks into small shards. Yes, these crystals are made from GLUE STICKS!

diy faux crystals using clear glue sticks and FolkArt color shift paint

cut glue sticks to create diy faux crystals with color shift paint

Step 2

Place the shards on a surface to paint them. I used FolkArt Color Shift Paint in Plum Flash to create these amethyst crystals I also added a little touch of FolkArt Color Shift in Blue Flash to give some of the crystals a varied color look.

faux amethyst crystals made with FolkArt Color Shift Paint

Step 3

Using hot glue, I created an upward pointing leaf shape on a clean, dry champagne glass. (I like to wipe mine down with an alcohol wipe before doing a craft like this to ensure good adherence).

diy geode champagne glass

Step 4

Add the faux “crystals” using craft tweezers. Arrange them any way you like, keeping in mind that the way crystals grow naturally is generally radial.

diy geode with Color Shift Paint