Snap 2018 Opening Night Party: Eat Dessert First

If you’re here to find out all about the Snap 2018 opening night party this year, you’ve come to the right place!

Greetings! I’m Christie Troxell, a professional event planner, designer and content creator.

It is SO delightful to be presenting your opening night reception this year at Snap!

The theme is, “Eat Dessert First”, and it’s all about starting with the sweetest part first. Our sponsors, my team and I have put together some FUN for YOU!


Get Dressed Up

We’ll have a Sprinkle Beauty Bar set up for you to get glam with sugary sweet beauty enhancers. Be sure to dress up for the fun! Dessert themed clothing, jewelry and accessories are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED! If it has cake, pie, cupcakes, cake pops, sprinkles or candy, it’s perfect!

sprinkle beauty bar makeup

Get Your Hands on Some Fun

Enjoy hands on, interactive activity stations where you can make and take your own sweet creations. Six fun spots have been designed for you to stop and get to know our sponsors. Generous gifts for all, plus some fun opportunity drawings sweeten the fun night even more!

 Eat Drink and Stay Sweet! 

Plenty of appetizers and tasty desserts will be served up, including libations and non alcoholic offerings. Party favors from sponsors are yours to take; don’t forget to keep in touch!

Get to know our party sponsors!

It’s a privilege to present you with party decor and activities from these exciting brands:

Oriental Trading Company


Amalfi Decor


Canvas Corp

The Bakers Party Shop


Plaid Enterprises

Expo International Trims

Sparkling Ice Beverages

Kunin Felt

Charity Wings



Can’t wait to see all you sweet friends at Snap! DONUT EVEN think about not saying hi at the party!


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