DIY Graphic Eggs with Metallic Accents

Wood eggs are one of my favorite spring craft accessories, the possibilities for decorating them are nearly endless. I created these DIY Graphic Eggs in several different designs; they’re a great way to accent your home decor for spring with style and sophistication.

I’ve seen some different versions of these over the years, but I thought it would be fun to add gold leaf to mine, as well as a little rose gold paint.

After trying a few methods, I figured out that a Sharpie marker is the best tool for getting a nice dark graphic pattern on the wood eggs. Adding Mod Podge allowed me to adhere the gold leaf.

I love that these can be displayed all season. and they have a really stylish look that I prefer to bright colorful plastic eggs. (Although they’re fabulous for backyard egg hunts!)

The blend of the rose gold, black and white with gold is a great compliment to my home decor in shades of gray and soft teal. It’s great when your seasonal decor can acclimate into your daily surroundings with ease.

Have a happy spring and hope you enjoyed this project!

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