Romantic Style Floral Embellished Parasol for a Bridal Shower

Love is in the air at our Vintage Romance themed bridal shower, and this pretty parasol decoration is a perfect accent for celebrating a bride to be, a baby shower, a spring garden party, or just as beautiful home or garden decor.

We’ve selected peonies, ranunculus and roses for this look, but you can select your favorite blooms to use in place of the ones we’ve suggested here; just be sure to choose a variety of sizes and colors to get a stylish finished look.layered peonies roses and hydrangeas with reindeer moss and leaves on a lace parasol for bridal or baby shower decoration using umbrella or lace parasol

This is a gorgeous accent on a party table, or for springtime home decor. You can do this! The full supply list and step by step instructions are easy to follow.

Give your event even more pop with this four-ingredient cherry peach jam!

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