DIY Holiday Craft Cocktails in Mason Jars

‘Tis the season, for DIY holiday gift making, like these festive craft cocktails! Get in the holiday “spirit” with these mason jar cocktail kits that you can create yourself. They’re made from a melange of dehydrated fruits, organic sugar and dried herbs. Simply add ten to twelve ounces of your favorite liquor, and allow to infuse in the refrigerator for three days. The resulting infused alcohol mixture can be used to sip straight or on the rocks, or combine with your favorite juice or soda.

craft cocktails

These festive holiday libation kits are as much fun to make and package up as they are to drink! I’ve created two seasonal craft cocktail recipes for you to gift in jars, along with custom free holiday printables for you to create beautifully coordinated packaging for your crafty cocktail creations!

Products used to create the designs and images for this post were provided by Portofino, International. The concepts and printable designs were created by me, and are free to download for personal use.

What You’ll Need:

  • Smooth quart ball mason jars
  • Assorted dehydrated fruits, such as pineapple, orange, mango, tart cherry and apricot
  • Organic Sugar Cubes
  • Whole Dried Herbs, such as rosemary and tarragon
  • Heavy white card stock
  • Free Holiday Printable Sheets
  • Paper shred
  • Paper gift bags with handles
  • Wired Ribbon in holiday patterns
  • Bakers Twine
  • Natural Twine
  • Small hole punch
  • Scissors, Paper Trimmer
  • Glue Dots
Step 1

Select dehydrated fruits and add to a smooth sided quart mason jar with a lid. For a “Christmas Morning” cocktail, I’ve used pineapple, orange and mango.

dried fruits for craft cocktails in mason jars

Step 2

Layer the fruits into the jar, and add organic sugar cubes. Two to four organic sugar cubes are the perfect ratio for a jar that is this 12 ounce size.

craft cocktail recipe

Step 3

Download and print free holiday printables on heavy cardstock, and trim to size with scissors or a paper trimmer.

craft cocktails in mason jars

Step 4

Using the same set of printables, use a white paper gift bag and glue dots to adhere a design to the front of the bag.

unique holiday packaging

Step 6

Add a bottle of your favorite vodka, the jar of fruits and sugar, (decorated with the cute labels), and of course, the instructions!

Add some tissue and a festive bow from wired ribbon. I just love this black and white buffalo plaid ribbon. Don’t forget to “tie one on”! (An ornament, of course).

custom packaging for holiday gifts

A variation on this recipe is the “Sleigh Ride”, a delectable bourbon craft cocktail made with tart cherries, apricots and organic sugar. I love mine with a little dried tarragon in the mix as well.

craft cocktails

Package the bourbon and one or two of the decorated jars (get the free printables here), in some cheery red paper shred. Tuck in some pinecones and ornaments, and swirls of ribbon. Who wouldn’t love to receive this gorgeous box of craft cocktail goodness?

holiday gift packaging idea

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