A DIY Easter Party for $35? Challenge Accepted!

There’s never a dull moment as an Evite Influencer! My latest assignment was to create a DIY Easter Party for $35.00, to be featured on Evite social media.

(Screech of brakes…..) THIRTY FIVE DOLLARS!?!?!

I’ll be straight with you, keeping to a small budget isn’t one of my strong suits, but there WAS a time, not so long ago, that I was…um, errr….”less ritzy” (translation: flat broke), and I STILL knew how to create beautiful parties. Challenge accepted! I was super EGG-cited to give it a whirl!

I started by selecting this darling invitation from the Evite site, you can use it yourself, by clicking HERE.

evite invitation peeps pink yellow

Off I went, to my local discount retailer to source supplies. I had a general plan in mind, but I needed to see what the REAL supplies were going to cost. (Spoiler alert: I’m super proud to tell you, I did it!!)


This party is designed for four guests, and features custom table runners, a fresh flower centerpiece, hand-painted place mats, party favors, and even a cool Easter printable that I drew myself. (I’m as surprised as you are on that one.)

Take a look!


I’m just in love with these awesome table runners! Normally I’d rent linens, but keeping my budget in mind, I knew I’d have to make my own. I selected this fabric, (a yard and a half was used to create this whole runner), for the bright, springy colors, not to mention the pattern reminded me a lot of jellybeans!  The garland is made by simply closing plastic Easter eggs on a long strand of white twine, and then arranging it in a pretty, curved line down the center of the table.


These place mats came in a four-pack, and are made from cork. (How cool is that!?) To make them more interesting, I hand painted assorted flowers on them with three colors of acrylic paint, and let them dry. They add a nice pop of color and pattern to the table, don’t you agree?


The party favor on the plate is made from a mason jar, (I painted the lids pink with the same acrylic paint used on the place mats). Inside, I layered in green paper shreds, brightly colored jelly beans, and a cute chocolate Easter bunny!

I always bite the ears off first, how about you?

Next, I created a fun activity sheet with Easter themed games, and printed out copies for each place setting.  These were placed in flower pots, painted with the words “Happy Easter”. (Same paint from the place mats!) I added a pack of crayons wrapped in coordinating scrapbook paper that I had on hand. This gives the kids something fun to do, and also makes a super cute accent. Guests can take the flower pot home after the party and put a plant in it! (The paint washes off with soap and water, so the flower pot is great for use all year-round).


The centerpiece was made with a nod to that Evite Invitation I showed you at the beginning, using my own trifle dish and a mason jar filled with water, which is placed in the center.  I poured in jelly beans, then added pink marshmallow bunnies, and finally, more plastic Easter eggs.  I trimmed and placed the flowers into the mason jar (now concealed by all those goodies), and added a pretty ribbon.


This all came together so well, I couldn’t believe I was able to do it for only $35.00!

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Fabric, 1 1/2 yards  – $4
  • Paint, hot pink, aqua and yellow acrylic paints – $1.50
  • Cork place mats, 4 pack – $4
  • Four flower pots at$0.50 each – $2
  • Four crayon packs at $0.60 each – $2.40
  • Four pack of mini mason jars – $5
  • 1 bag Green paper shreds – $1
  • Plastic Easter eggs – $2
  • Marshmallow bunnies – $1
  • Jelly Beans – $3
  • Four chocolate bunnies – $4
  • Flower bunch – $5

TOTAL: $35.00

Things I had in my house, (that you probably have too!) are:

  • A tablecloth
  • A piece of ribbon that was tied to the centerpiece
  • Dinner plates
  • Trifle dish, (or a large clear bowl will work just as well), and mason jar
  • Scissors, glue and paintbrushes.

Of course, you can customize this any way you like by changing up the colors, patterns, and candy selections. The possibilities are endless! Evite is a great place to start for inspiration, just look at their amazing gallery of invitations that can get you started with your own theme planning!

Hope you enjoyed this fun party as much as I did creating it for you, and until next time, remember to “Celebrate Everything!”

Hello? Sorry, Bunny can’t seem to hear you….

Want more fun ideas? Pay a visit to the very talented designer Michelle Stewart, for yet another fabulous Easter Eggstravaganza!

The aforementioned concepts, product selections, art and designs are the sole creations of Ritzy Parties, Inc., provided as a participating member of the Evite Influencer Program.

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