Simple Seed Paper Stocking Stuffers

Can you believe that Christmas is only two weeks away!! Whether that excites you (like it does me!), or stresses you out, (like it does me!), the big day will soon be upon us.  Fifteen more days to be nice. I can do this.

It’s about now that I’m finishing up the baking, wrapping, and my mind has turned to stocking stuffers.  In our family, the adults don’t really exchange big gifts anymore, but we do have fun stuffing stockings for one another.  I try to get a few interesting edibles, like jams, chocolates and creative flavored salts and spices, (usually found at World Market), and of course something funny  (or slightly snarky, because that’s just the kind of people we are).  Then, being the crafty/artsy lady that I am, I strive to come up with something handmade.

Handmade gifts can be a toughie. What can be made that’s actually wanted, and will be used? I’ve done ornaments, and mason jars with baking mixes. But if you make lots of things, then maybe you can relate, everything feels like it’s already been done.  Luckily this year, I was introduced to a cool little mechanism called the Sizzix Big Shot. This is a hand cranked die (shape) cutting machine that cuts through all kind of materials, not just paper, but also chipboard, leather, fabric, felt, vinyl, and more!

I’m a firm believer in “more is more”.  More dessert, more coffee, more lipstick, more handbags, I like lots of more; especially when it comes to ideas and being creative!  I sat down to think outside the list of materials provided by Sizzix.  What ELSE could I cut into with this thing? I tried newspaper, it was cool, but it didn’t feel inspired.  I did some tricks with old Christmas cards.  Cute, but I’d seen it before.  Then, rummaging through a box of scraps from previous events and projects, I happened on some seed paper, and this project was born.

Seed paper is this incredible paper material, that comes in sheets; it has real flower seeds right in it.  When you plant it in potting soil and care for it properly, it grows into pretty flowers!  It’s pretty all on its own, but so many cool things can be done with it.12362688_10207829462125361_4465150628311730209_o

Using the Sizzix Tim Holtz die called “Tattered Flowers”, I ran a sheet of Red Cranberry colored seed paper through the big shot. (If you’d like another color, my seed paper source offers eighteen other options!)


In literally seconds, I had created four gorgeous seed paper flowers, perfectly cut.



photo seed papers cut out

Next, I made a small card to mount the flowers on, which was blank on the front (for placing the flower), and included instructions inside on planting and caring for the seed paper.  There’s a place to write a personal message, too.  (Free printable below!) I just attached a flower to the front of each one using a little swipe from my tape runner.


Unique, inexpensive and very adorable!!


Links to the materials are here for you, and as mentioned above, I’ve included a free printable of the card I made, with the instructions, so that you can print it out yourself on cardstock. Give this a try! If you don’t have a Sizzix, don’t worry, you can cut seed paper by hand, too.  Make hearts, or, trace a holiday shape like a stocking or a tree onto your seed paper before you cut.

Now, off to search for sassy cocktail napkins and whoopee cushions for a few deserving family members. 😉

Seed paper:

Sizzix Big Shot:

Tattered Florals Die by Tim Holtz:

Printable card:

Seed paper instruction card

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