Quick and Easy DIY Photo Backdrop for an Under the Sea themed party

This quick and easy DIY Photo Backdrop is inexpensive and simple to make; it’s the perfect enhancement for  your Under the Sea themed party!

Under The Sea Photo Backdrop

You’ll need:

One lilac tablecloth roll

One mint green tablecloth roll

One package clear latex balloons

Two packages mint and lavender tassel garland

One set of cardboard seaweed standees

Two large starfish


We used a metal backdrop structure to support our backdrop, but you can also make your own structure using PVC Piping.

We draped the structure with the plastic tablecloth rolls, by doubling sheets of the tablecloth roll over the top, so that it hung evenly, then trimmed with scissors to floor length.


We alternated the lilac tablecover with the mint green, to get a cool striped effect.


Next, we inflated clear balloons, to resemble bubbles! We tied them to balloon weights at varying heights, so it would appear that the bubbles were “rising”.


We added iridescent glitter to cardboard seaweed standees, which added lots of sparkle!  These were placed in front of the draped panels, on either side, leaving space in the center for a chair for the special guest!

seaweed standee1seaweed standee2seaweed standee3seaweed standee5

Finally, we added two strings of mint and lavender tassel garland, added a couple of starfish, and our easy, yet stunning backdrop was photo-ready!

IMG_5055 (2)


The kids enjoyed the fun decor when the surprise guest arrived for story time and face painting!

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